Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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afternoon the time of day between noon and evening.
bath the act of sitting in water and cleaning yourself.
both one and the other of two things or people.
brain the organ in the body that controls thought, movement, and feeling. The brain is inside the skull.
call to say in a loud voice or shout out.
chum (informal) a close friend; pal.
delicious having a pleasing taste or smell.
during all through a certain period of time.
icicle a long, thin piece of ice that hangs from something.
late happening after the usual or expected time.
mirror a smooth surface that shows an image of whatever is in front of it.
owner a person who owns something.
slice to take from a larger portion by cutting.
trousers a garment for the lower parts of the body from waist to ankle that covers each leg; pants; slacks.
tune the notes that make up a piece of music.