Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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ago before now; past.
asleep in a state of sleep.
balcony a platform with a low wall or railing that extends from the outside of a building.
beat to hit again and again.
boss a person who gives work to other people and tells them what to do; manager.
cliff a high, steep surface of rock.
grass a short green plant with narrow pointed leaves that usually covers fields and yards.
hall a long space in a building that people walk through to go from one room to another.
holiday a day to remember or celebrate something. Many businesses close and people do not go to school or work on a holiday.
offer to present something to be accepted or refused.
park an area of public land that anyone can use for rest and enjoyment.
piano a musical instrument with a keyboard and many wire strings. A piano is played by pressing keys that cause small hammers to strike the strings.
rusty covered with rust; not working well.
science a careful method of studying and learning about things in nature.
stall1 an area of a barn or stable used for holding a single animal.