Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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area a place or region.
brick a very hard block of clay. People use bricks to make walls.
bucket an open container with round sides, a flat bottom, and a curved handle at the top.
country a large area of land where people live under the same government or have the same culture; nation.
crew a group of people who work together.
every each member or part of a group.
fry to cook in hot butter, oil, or other fat.
mass a large amount or number.
mess a state of being dirty or not neat.
nightmare a frightening dream.
reader a person who looks at and understands words on a page or screen.
rid to cause things that are not wanted to go away.
sneak to move quietly and in a sly way.
staircase a set of steps with a railing that goes from one floor to another in a building.
topic a subject of discussion, conversation, or writing.