Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bead a small, round object made of material such as glass, wood, or plastic. A bead has a small hole through its center so it can be put on a string to make necklaces or to decorate clothing.
brother a male person who has the same mother or father as another person.
dawn the first light of day that appears in the morning.
desk a piece of furniture with a flat surface used for writing, using a computer, or reading. Desks usually have drawers where you keep paper, pens, and other supplies.
gap a space or opening between two things.
habit a regular action or activity.
kick to strike with the foot.
least smallest in size, amount, or degree.
magnify to cause to appear larger.
pardon to forgive or excuse (some act or behavior).
planner a person who designs or has ideas for things that will exist or happen in the future.
pond a small body of still water.
secret not seen or known by others; private.
sheet a large piece of cloth used to cover a bed.
thief a person who steals.