Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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advice an idea or opinion that someone gives to help you decide.
afford to have enough money for; be able to pay for.
belong to have as a proper place or situation.
forever continuing for all time.
frighten to cause fear in someone; to make someone afraid.
homework work that a teacher asks students to do at home.
hot holding or giving off great heat.
lock a device used to prevent people from taking something or to keep something closed.
runner a person who is moving along quickly on his or her feet, or a person who races on foot.
sack a large bag made of thick paper or other strong material. A sack is used to hold grain, potatoes, supplies, or other heavy things.
special different from others; unique.
squad a small number of persons trained to work together.
stone hard material like rock.
thank to tell someone who has given you something or done something for you that you value their gift or action; to express your <hwref>appreciation</hwref>.
vanish to disappear suddenly from sight.