Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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apartment one or more rooms that people live in and that are part of a building.
bend a curved thing, part, or area; curve.
blank without marks or writing.
bottle a container with a narrow neck used to hold or pour liquids. A bottle is usually made of glass or plastic.
companion one who spends time with another or others.
dumb (informal) not smart; stupid.
gun a weapon with a tube made of metal from which bullets are fired.
movement a motion or way of moving.
root the part of a plant that grows under the ground. Roots take in water and food, and they hold the plant in the soil.
solar having to do with or coming from the sun.
stray to wander away from a group or place.
tackle equipment or gear used in a sport or hobby such as fishing.
usually ordinarily or most often; generally; typically.
view the area that can be seen from a particular point.
window an opening in a wall or vehicle that lets in air and light. The opening is usually covered by clear glass.