Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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afford to have enough money for; be able to pay for.
aid to give help to someone.
bush a low plant like a small tree.
button a small, round, flat thing that fastens clothing by fitting through a hole.
cabin a small house, built in a simple or rough way.
chill a mild but uncomfortable coldness.
fuel anything such as wood or gasoline that is burned as a source of energy.
gift something a person gives without wanting anything in return; a present.
ink a colored liquid in pens.
port a place where ships load, or the town or city near this place.
rich having a great amount of money or valuable possessions.
roar to make a deep, loud cry or shout, as in anger, pain, or excitement.
safe providing protection from harm, loss, or damage; not dangerous.
tear1 a drop of liquid that comes from the eye. Tears clean the eye and keep it wet.
usual most common; normal.