Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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blanket a large piece of thick material used to keep oneself warm. Blankets are often made of wool.
bright giving a lot of light.
bunch a group of things of the same kind that are attached to each other.
care serious attention.
dealer a person whose job is to buy and sell.
mask a covering that hides all or part of the face.
nail a thin, pointed piece of metal with a flat top. You hammer nails into pieces of wood or other material in order to fasten them together.
owner a person who owns something.
phrase a group of words forming part of a sentence but not having both a subject and a verb.
scare to frighten.
scientist a person who works in or studies a science.
shady in the shade.
today the day that is right now.
underground located, living, or taking place beneath the earth’s surface.
walk to move your body by taking steps.