Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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apron a piece of clothing that covers the front of the body. An apron is worn to keep clothes clean.
climb to move up or go towards the top.
coast the land next to the ocean.
commander an officer who is the leader of a military unit.
crew a group of people who work together.
fog a thick cloud that is near to the ground.
lap the front of the body from the waist to the knees when you are sitting.
large big in size or amount.
originally at first.
spice a substance from a plant that has a special taste. Spices are used to add flavor to food and drink.
stack a neat pile with one thing on top of another.
still not moving.
strong having power; difficult to break or damage.
twin either of two children or animals born at the same time to one mother.
view the area that can be seen from a particular point.