Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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border the outer part; edge.
bough a main branch of a tree.
button a small, round, flat thing that fastens clothing by fitting through a hole.
crib a bed with high sides all around for a baby or young child to sleep in.
dumb (informal) not smart; stupid.
fix to repair.
hug the action of holding using both arms.
innocent free from evil or knowledge of evil.
lesson a period of instruction with a teacher, or a specific group of things to be learned or studied together.
magnet an object that has the power to pull things made of iron toward itself.
marry to become someone's husband or wife according to the law.
material anything used for building or making new things. Wood, metal, paint, and paper are examples of materials.
pile a number of things on top of each other, or a mass of material that forms a small hill.
sack a large bag made of thick paper or other strong material. A sack is used to hold grain, potatoes, supplies, or other heavy things.
silver a shiny, soft, white metal that is valuable and used to make jewelry and coins.