Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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blond having a light yellow color.
courage the ability to face fear or danger.
criminal a person who is guilty of a crime.
dodge to avoid something by moving quickly aside or changing direction.
explorer a person who travels through an area that is unknown to find out what is there.
flash a sudden, bright light that shines and then disappears.
lower to cause to move to a position below; let down.
mild not harsh; gentle.
president a person who leads a company, club, or other organization. A president of an organization can be elected or <hwref>appointed</hwref>.
problem a question or condition that is difficult to understand or to deal with.
return to go back or come back.
sea the salt water covering most of the earth; ocean.
silence a lack of sound.
tag a piece of thick paper, thin metal, or plastic that gives information and is attached to something.
type a group of things that are the same in some way.