Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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area a place or region.
click to make a slight, sharp sound.
correct with no mistakes.
dim having little or no light.
event something that happens, especially an important thing that happens.
excite to increase the feelings of; to increase energy.
heap many things lying on top of each other; pile.
leader a person who directs or guides others or who has the most power in a group.
pin a thin piece of metal with a sharp point and usually a flat head. Pins are used to fasten or attach cloth, paper, or other materials.
press to put pressure on something, often with one's hands.
rack a frame or stand used to hold, hang, or show things.
repeat to say or produce sound a second time.
sight the ability to see.
stupid dull or slow to learn; not smart.
tone a single sound in music or a sound that is similar to music.