Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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activity a specific thing that people do.
alarm a bell or other loud noise used to signal danger.
file1 a place for keeping documents or other objects safe and in order. A file can be something that holds papers or a space on a computer.
graph a drawing that shows information and the relationships between pieces of that information.
handle to do what needs to be done with something or someone; manage; control.
natural of or produced by nature.
power the ability to act, function, or cause things to happen.
stand to hold your body upright by using your legs and feet, or to move to this position.
stir to mix liquids together or move a liquid in a circle using your hand or an object.
title a name of something such as a book, movie, or piece of music.
tonight the present night or the night that is coming on this day.
trail a path or course through a forest or other rural place.
uphill on an upward slope or in an upward direction.
wage (often plural) money paid at regular times to a person for doing work.
wide reaching across a large area from side to side.