Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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copy something that looks exactly like another thing.
daily happening or done every day.
drown to die under water because of lack of air.
earn to receive money for work that you have done.
elect to choose by means of voting.
fire the heat, light, and flames made when something burns.
hunt to search for and try to kill (animals) for food or sport.
night the period between the time when the sun sets in the evening and when it rises in the morning.
ramp a flat surface that connects two different levels.
rib one of the set of bones that curve around the chest of a person or animal.
sailor a member of the navy who works aboard a ship.
sir a polite form of address for a man, usually used in place of his name.
skull the bones of the head and face that protect the brain.
snoop to look into others' affairs or possessions in a secret way.
track a mark or series of marks left on the ground by the feet of people or animals, or the wheels of machines; trail.