Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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ax a tool with a blade attached to the end of a long handle. An ax is used for chopping wood.
bridge a structure that goes over something such as a river or road so that people can travel from one side to the other.
bright giving a lot of light.
coach a person who trains and teaches people in sports.
deal to handle or give your attention to.
hunter a person who tries to find and kill animals for food.
independence freedom from outside control.
nighttime the time between sunset and dawn.
orchard a piece of land planted with fruit or nut trees.
pair two things that are the same and are used together.
program a plan of what will be done or take place.
sadness the state or quality of being unhappy.
speak to say words in a usual voice; talk.
team a group formed to play or work together.
usual most common; normal.