Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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afternoon the time of day between noon and evening.
cabin a small house, built in a simple or rough way.
dirt loose earth or soil.
fire the heat, light, and flames made when something burns.
fist a hand with the fingers bent under tight.
golden having a shiny, deep yellow color.
loan money or something else that is borrowed or lent.
sack a large bag made of thick paper or other strong material. A sack is used to hold grain, potatoes, supplies, or other heavy things.
sight the ability to see.
smack to hit noisily with an open hand; slap.
snowstorm a storm in which a lot of snow falls. Snowstorms have strong winds.
stamp to push down against a surface with a hard fast motion.
sudden happening without notice or warning; not expected.
wear to have or carry on your body.
writer a person whose job is to create books, articles, poems, or other materials; author.