Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cab a short form of <hwref>taxicab</hwref>.
complete having all of the parts that are necessary; whole.
couch a comfortable seat with a back and arms for two or more people; <hwref>sofa</hwref>.
dull not interesting; boring.
equal having the same value, measure, or amount as something else.
hot holding or giving off great heat.
mess a state of being dirty or not neat.
money the coins or paper bills of a country that are used to buy things or pay for services.
nest a structure of sticks and other material that birds make to hold their eggs.
pool any small still area of liquid that has collected on something.
serve to give aid or help; be of use.
soften to make or become soft or softer.
splendid beautiful or grand; making a strong impression.
sunny having weather in which the sky is blue and clouds do not block the light of the sun.
yank (informal) to pull or take out suddenly; jerk.