Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bowl1 a deep, round dish used for holding food or liquid.
cook to prepare food for eating by using heat.
corner the place where two roads meet.
diver a person who works under water, using special clothing and equipment for breathing.
lead1 to direct someone; guide.
matter all substances of the universe that can be seen, touched, or measured.
pillow a cloth bag filled with soft material used for resting the head while sleeping.
price the amount of money needed to buy something.
replace to put something in the place of another thing.
river a large natural stream of water that flows toward a lake, ocean, or other larger body of water.
sea the salt water covering most of the earth; ocean.
send to cause to be carried to another place, especially by mail.
smart intelligent; knowing a lot.
spy a person who watches in secret to get information about others.
trap to catch and not let escape.