Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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backyard an open area behind a house that belongs to the owner of the house.
change to make different.
gather to bring together into one place; collect.
harden to make less soft or more rigid.
hurt to cause pain or harm to.
information knowledge or facts about any thing or event.
journey a long trip from one place to another.
makeup cream, powder, or other things you put on your face to change the way it looks or to make it look better.
pearl a smooth, hard, round object that is formed inside the shell of some sea animals.
peck2 to strike, or pick up quickly with the beak.
rinse to wash off with water.
sleep to be in a state of rest for the body and mind. When people sleep, their eyes are closed and they are not conscious.
spool an object shaped like a cylinder with a rim on each end. Thread, tape, wire, and film are wound on spools.
warn to tell of a possible danger.
warrior a person who fights; a soldier.