Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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blush to become red in the face because of shame or embarrassment.
continue to keep happening or being; to last for a long time.
fill to cause to become full; put as much as possible into.
island an area of land surrounded by water on all sides.
laugh to smile and make sounds with your mouth. People usually laugh when something is funny to them, but laughing can express other feelings also.
mess a state of being dirty or not neat.
model a small copy of something.
rid to cause things that are not wanted to go away.
roam to move or travel around without a plan; wander.
sap the liquid that carries nutrients and water to all parts of a plant.
song a short piece of music for singing.
stone hard material like rock.
swim to move through water by moving parts of the body.
turn to cause to move around a center point.
wheelbarrow a device used to carry rocks, soil, leaves, and other materials for short distances. A wheelbarrow has one or two wheels, two legs at the back, and handles for a person to push.