Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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adventure a trip or activity that is dangerous or exciting.
bottle a container with a narrow neck used to hold or pour liquids. A bottle is usually made of glass or plastic.
costume clothing worn to make one look like some other person, animal, or thing.
cough the act or pushing air noisily out of the lungs, as a result of illness or something irritating one's air passages.
darkness lack of light.
doctor a person whose job is to treat and give medicine to sick people or animals.
peaceful quiet; calm.
practice To repeat something in order to do it better.
program a plan of what will be done or take place.
punishment a way of causing someone to suffer or experience something bad for having done something wrong.
rifle a gun that has a long barrel and that is shot from the shoulder.
shelter a place or structure that gives protection against weather or danger.
shy quiet and not comfortable with other people.
stadium a place used for sports events and other outdoor activities. Stadiums have rows of seats that rise up around an open field.
tape a substance made of plastic, cloth, or paper that has glue on one side. It is cut into long, narrow pieces. Tape is used to stick things together.