Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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adventure a trip or activity that is dangerous or exciting.
chart a sheet that gives information in the form of a table or <hwref>graph</hwref>.
clever having a quick mind; smart.
deal to handle or give your attention to.
field a wide area of open land.
fruit the part of a plant that has seeds and flesh. Most fruits that people eat are sweet.
law the set of rules that people in a society must follow.
loud having a large amount of sound.
piano a musical instrument with a keyboard and many wire strings. A piano is played by pressing keys that cause small hammers to strike the strings.
railroad a road of two connected steel bars along which trains move, or a system of transportation that uses these roads.
raw not cooked.
science a careful method of studying and learning about things in nature.
shed2 to take off or drop something that covers or grows.
spacecraft a vehicle designed to travel in outer space.
steer to make something move in a certain direction.