Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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beard the hair that grows on the face, especially on the chin.
carry to hold and take from one place to another.
count to give each thing in a group a number to learn how many there are.
danger a chance or likelihood that something bad or harmful may happen; peril; risk.
elevator a device that carries people or things from one floor to another in a building. An elevator is like a small room or platform that moves up and down.
explorer a person who travels through an area that is unknown to find out what is there.
fence a structure used to mark off an area or to keep animals or people in or out.
gesture to make a motion with the body that expresses a feeling or thought.
performer a person who sings, acts, or does some form entertainment for an audience.
scream to make a loud high cry or sound.
softly in a way that makes little sound; quietly.
strap a thin, flat strip of material used to attach something or hold objects in a certain way.
threaten to say that you will harm or punish some person or group if something that you demand is not done.
weird strange or odd; puzzlingly unusual.
yell to speak in a very loud voice because you are hurt, afraid, angry, or excited.