Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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announce to tell or make known.
battle a fight between two opposing sides.
bowl1 a deep, round dish used for holding food or liquid.
bruise to hurt a part of your body without breaking the skin.
card a small, thick piece of paper used for sending a message to another person.
delicious having a pleasing taste or smell.
dress to put clothing on.
fellow belonging to the same group, having the same job, or sharing the same interests.
fry to cook in hot butter, oil, or other fat.
lump a small mass or pile with no special shape; hunk.
reach to extend or stretch as far as.
siren a warning device that makes a loud, piercing noise.
suck to pull into the mouth by using the tongue and lips.
twig a small branch of a tree or other plant.
young in an early part of life or growth.