Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cash money in the form of bills and coins.
child a young human.
close to shut.
clothes things that you wear to cover the body.
commander an officer who is the leader of a military unit.
dock1 a raised, flat surface that is built out into the water.
fail to not succeed in trying to do something.
firm1 not soft.
harness a set of straps by which a work animal is attached to a cart, carriage, or plow. The harness is used to control and guide the animal.
ill not healthy; sick.
marker a pen, usually with a felt tip, that makes thick lines of ink and is used for writing and drawing.
planet a large object in outer space that moves around the sun or another star.
tack a short pin with a flat, wide head.
test an examination or experiment to find out what something is, what it is made up of, or how good it is.
young in an early part of life or growth.