Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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count to give each thing in a group a number to learn how many there are.
deep having a lot of space below or behind a certain point; reaching far down or back.
dusk the time of day just before night; last moments of twilight.
finally after everything else; at the final moment.
firmly in a way that uses some strength; not lightly.
flock a group of animals or birds of one kind that stay or are kept together.
ladder a structure with steps that you use to climb up to high places. You can move a ladder from one place to another.
natural of or produced by nature.
naughty not behaving or obeying.
park an area of public land that anyone can use for rest and enjoyment.
pond a small body of still water.
punch1 a hard, quick hit with the closed hand.
spot a mark that is different in color from the area around it.
unfair against what is right or just.
wing a part of the body of some animals that they use for flying. Insects and birds have wings.