Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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adventure a trip or activity that is dangerous or exciting.
blast a powerful and sudden gust or stream.
clever having a quick mind; smart.
contest a sport or game that people try to win to get a prize; competition.
crisp firm but breaking easily into pieces.
garage a building or part of a building used for keeping cars, trucks, or other vehicles.
gown a dress worn on special occasions.
jog to run at a slow rate for exercise.
mask a covering that hides all or part of the face.
mirror a smooth surface that shows an image of whatever is in front of it.
piano a musical instrument with a keyboard and many wire strings. A piano is played by pressing keys that cause small hammers to strike the strings.
proud feeling pleased and satisfied because of something one owns or has done.
roof the surface or covering on the top of a building.
spear1 a weapon with a long wooden shaft and a sharp pointed tip. Spears are thrown or thrust with the hand.
tone a single sound in music or a sound that is similar to music.