Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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addition the process of finding the total of two or more numbers.
bicycle a light vehicle with two wheels, one behind the other. You make the wheels turn by pushing on pedals.
brother a male person who has the same mother or father as another person.
crystal a solid substance that has a repeating pattern of flat surfaces.
farmer a person who grows crops or raises animals on a piece of land.
hate to have a very strong bad feeling toward something; to not like in any way.
length the distance from one end of something to the other.
matter all substances of the universe that can be seen, touched, or measured.
recently in the near past.
recycle to put used things through a process that allows them to be used again.
shack a small, cheaply constructed building, used as a house or for storage.
stall1 an area of a barn or stable used for holding a single animal.
thunder the loud noise you sometimes hear during a violent rain storm.
tower a tall, narrow building or part of a building that rises high above the ground.
uncle the brother of one's father or mother, or the husband of one's aunt.