Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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answer what you say or write after someone asks you a question; a reply.
cook to prepare food for eating by using heat.
famous recognized by or well known to the public.
foolish having poor sense; silly.
forward toward a place or time that is further on or in the future; ahead.
harbor a safe area of water where people can leave their boats.
kit a group of things together in one place for a particular use.
listen to try to hear.
midnight twelve o’clock at night.
poison a substance that can kill or seriously harm living beings if it is swallowed, breathed, or taken in.
purse a bag used for carrying money and other personal things. A purse is often made of leather, cloth, or a similar material.
shortcut a quicker or more direct way to go somewhere.
step each single movement of your foot as you walk.
tribe a group of people, families, or villages that share the same language, social customs, and ancestors.
wrap to cover by circling or folding something around.