Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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afternoon the time of day between noon and evening.
behind in or at the back of; on the other side of.
capture to take hold or gain control of by force or through planning.
cheap having a low price.
cry to have tears fall from your eyes as the result of pain, sadness, or another strong feeling.
doorway the way of entrance into a room or building.
frozen changed into a solid or made hard by freezing.
middle halfway between two things, places, or points.
pair two things that are the same and are used together.
shelter a place or structure that gives protection against weather or danger.
skirt a piece of clothing that hangs from the waist and is open all around the bottom.
soft easy to bend or shape; not firm or hard.
steep having a sharp slope.
tape a substance made of plastic, cloth, or paper that has glue on one side. It is cut into long, narrow pieces. Tape is used to stick things together.
trainer a person who prepares people or animals for competition through exercise, practice, and diet.