Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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activity a specific thing that people do.
blush to become red in the face because of shame or embarrassment.
button a small, round, flat thing that fastens clothing by fitting through a hole.
cousin the son or daughter of an aunt or uncle.
cruel willing to cause pain or suffering; not caring if you hurt someone or something.
dodge to avoid something by moving quickly aside or changing direction.
flesh the soft parts of the human or animal body that lie between the skin and the bones. Flesh includes muscle and fat.
gesture to make a motion with the body that expresses a feeling or thought.
heavy having much weight.
hurry to move or act with speed.
lump a small mass or pile with no special shape; hunk.
pour to cause to flow in a steady stream.
score the total points earned in a game or test.
storm a violent event in weather. In a storm, there may be a lot of rain, snow, or wind.
wrinkle a fold on a surface, such as cloth or skin.