Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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actor a person who performs in a play, a movie, or a radio or television program.
carefully with thought and attention or caution about what one is doing.
crash to destroy with great force and loud noise.
crown a metal object worn on the head by kings and queens. Crowns are often made of gold or silver.
diner one who eats a meal.
fear a strong feeling you get when you expect danger or pain.
habit a regular action or activity.
poem a piece of writing different from ordinary writing in its special form, rhythm, and beautiful or interesting language. Poems are often short and express feelings. They sometimes use words that rhyme.
skin the thin outer covering of the body.
sky the air or space above the earth.
sniff to take in short breaths of air through the nose that can be heard.
soften to make or become soft or softer.
useful having a practical use or purpose.
vacation a period of rest from school, work, or other activities.
wash to make something clean by using water or soap.