Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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aid to give help to someone.
bitter having a strong taste that is neither sweet nor sour.
collect to gather together.
delicious having a pleasing taste or smell.
free not held back or under the control of another person.
glance a quick look.
makeup cream, powder, or other things you put on your face to change the way it looks or to make it look better.
male having to do with a person or animal of the sex that does not produce eggs or give birth.
meaning the message that is understood or intended when someone uses a word.
misery a condition in which one is very unhappy or suffers very much.
mow to cut down with a blade or machine.
overnight lasting or staying one night.
poison a substance that can kill or seriously harm living beings if it is swallowed, breathed, or taken in.
view the area that can be seen from a particular point.
zone an area that is separate or different from other areas because of a particular environment, use, or some other special quality.