Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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announce to tell or make known.
bubble a ball of air or other gas inside another substance.
busy doing something or working on something.
faucet a device for turning on and off the flow of liquid from a pipe or container.
incredible difficult or impossible to believe.
object anything that has shape or form and can be seen or touched.
piece a section or part separated from the whole.
ray1 a thin beam of light.
road a long, hard surface for vehicles and people to travel on.
slap to hit with an open hand.
switch to change; shift.
tow to pull along at the end of a rope or chain.
uniform a special suit of clothing worn by all members of a particular group.
wall one of the structures that forms a room or divides a space.
wing a part of the body of some animals that they use for flying. Insects and birds have wings.