Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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apron a piece of clothing that covers the front of the body. An apron is worn to keep clothes clean.
barrel a large round container with a flat top and bottom that is used to keep liquids. Barrels are often made of wood.
both one and the other of two things or people.
brave ready to face pain or danger; showing courage.
death the end of life in any living thing.
due required or expected to arrive.
greet to use words or simple actions that show pleasure or respect when you meet someone or start a letter.
lack the condition of being without something that is needed.
match2 a person or thing that is very like another.
neighbor a person who lives close to someone else.
path a track beaten by the feet of people or animals.
poor without money, possessions, or other basic needs.
soak to make completely wet; drench.
squad a small number of persons trained to work together.
weird strange or odd; puzzlingly unusual.