Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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action something that is done for a specific purpose.
chart a sheet that gives information in the form of a table or graph.
cover to put or spread something over or on something else.
disgust to cause a strong feeling against something; to cause someone to feel sick.
flow to move in a smooth, steady stream.
lab a short form of laboratory.
movement a motion or way of moving.
planet a large object in outer space that moves around the sun or another star.
player someone who takes part in a game or sport.
reminder something that causes a person to remember something.
science a careful method of studying and learning about things in nature.
squad a small number of persons trained to work together.
super (informal) excellent; very good.
together in or into one group or mass.
tribe a group of people, families, or villages that share the same language, social customs, and ancestors.