Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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brave ready to face pain or danger; showing courage.
brush a tool for cleaning, painting, and other things. It has a handle and a tight group of stiff <hwref>fibers</hwref> on one end.
colorful having many colors; bright in color.
continue to keep happening or being; to last for a long time.
daylight the light of the day.
drain to remove a liquid from something through a pipe.
hungry feeling a need or want for food.
lab a short form of <hwref>laboratory</hwref>.
lifetime the length of time something is expected to work well.
movie a motion picture; film.
owe to have to pay; be in debt to someone.
pill a small piece of medicine that is taken by mouth.
planner a person who designs or has ideas for things that will exist or happen in the future.
rattle to make a series of hard, short knocking sounds.
sight the ability to see.