Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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accept to say yes when someone wants to give you something.
apartment one or more rooms that people live in and that are part of a building.
beg to ask a favor of; to plead for.
boot a covering for the foot and lower part of the leg, usually made of leather or rubber.
brake a device used to slow or stop the motion of a vehicle or machine.
heart the organ in the body that controls the flow of blood.
hero a person who has courage and who is a model for others.
midnight twelve o’clock at night.
murder the crime of killing a person.
paint a liquid that is used on surfaces to give color or protect the surface.
thief a person who steals.
thunder the loud noise you sometimes hear during a violent rain storm.
truck a large motor vehicle used for carrying heavy loads.
until up to the time when.
wish to desire; want.