Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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ache to have a dull pain that lasts a long time.
addition the process of finding the total of two or more numbers.
ax a tool with a blade attached to the end of a long handle. An ax is used for chopping wood.
color a quality of light as our eyes see it. Red, blue, and yellow are some colors.
flag a piece of cloth with special colors and designs used as a symbol of a country or organization.
helmet a hard covering worn to protect the head.
icicle a long, thin piece of ice that hangs from something.
once at one time in the past.
ray1 a thin beam of light.
robbery the act of stealing money or property from a person or place.
stuff personal things, or any other type of materials or objects.
tow to pull along at the end of a rope or chain.
type a group of things that are the same in some way.
wire a long thread of metal.
wrap to cover by circling or folding something around.