Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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aid to give help to someone.
chew to break apart and make soft with the teeth.
cord a covered wire that carries electricity to a piece of equipment such as a television or lamp.
injury damage or wrong that causes physical or mental pain or hardship.
interview a meeting between a person who has applied for a job and the person who is offering the job. The person who wants the job must answer questions about his or her experience and <hwref>qualifications</hwref>.
motion the act of moving or changing places.
motor a machine that causes motion or power.
paper a thin material often used to write on, to wrap objects, and to make things such as containers.
pole a long, round post or stick made of metal, wood, or some other material.
sin an act of not obeying religious law.
split a division between two or more people.
stock things that you keep that are ready for use or for sale at any time; supply.
topic a subject of discussion, conversation, or writing.
track a mark or series of marks left on the ground by the feet of people or animals, or the wheels of machines; trail.
wax a solid yellow substance that is made with fats or oils. It melts when you heat it for a short time.