Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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drip to come down in drops.
fare the price paid to ride on a bus, train, taxi, or airplane.
form the shape or structure of something.
jealous feeling angry or sad when you want what another person has.
material anything used for building or making new things. Wood, metal, paint, and paper are examples of materials.
motorcycle a vehicle with two wheels, a heavy frame, and an engine.
muscle the soft pieces of flesh in animals and humans that make the bones move.
number a unit with a fixed value that is used to count or to tell the position of something. You can write a number as a word or a symbol, such as "nine" or "9."
poke to push with a thin or sharp object.
rail one of the two long steel bars along which a train moves.
shell a hard outer covering that an animal, especially a sea animal, has made to protect itself.
skirt a piece of clothing that hangs from the waist and is open all around the bottom.
stray to wander away from a group or place.
tired needing sleep or rest.
trace a very small amount of something.