Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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diver a person who works under water, using special clothing and equipment for breathing.
doctor a person whose job is to treat and give medicine to sick people or animals.
energy the ability to have force or power or to do work. There are many kinds of energy such as physical, electrical, nuclear, or chemical.
fond having or showing feelings of love.
force power, energy, or physical strength.
jog to run at a slow rate for exercise.
lucky resulting from or having good fortune.
problem a question or condition that is difficult to understand or to deal with.
recently in the near past.
sand tiny, loose grains of ground rock such as you can see on beaches and in deserts.
spice a substance from a plant that has a special taste. Spices are used to add flavor to food and drink.
syrup a thick, sweet liquid.
tricky using or marked by tricks or lies.
wear to have or carry on your body.
wide reaching across a large area from side to side.