Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bottle a container with a narrow neck used to hold or pour liquids. A bottle is usually made of glass or plastic.
breathe to take air into and out of the lungs.
candle a stick of wax with a string through the middle. The string burns and gives off light.
cash money in the form of bills and coins.
flap to swing or wave back and forth with a slapping sound.
flash a sudden, bright light that shines and then disappears.
fond having or showing feelings of love.
furnace a large appliance for making heat by burning gas, oil, coal, or wood.
gesture to make a motion with the body that expresses a feeling or thought.
holder an object used for holding.
locker a small container that can be locked. It is used to keep clothes and personal things.
saucer a small dish used for holding a cup.
share a part of a whole amount.
temper a usual state of mind of manner of feeling.
vegetable a plant or part of a plant that is used for food, such as potato, broccoli, or onion.