Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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angel a spiritual being who acts as a servant or messenger of God. Angels are often represented as human figures with wings and a halo.
complete having all of the parts that are necessary; whole.
cozy warm and snug in a comfortable way.
crack a break in something.
cross an upright line with another line across it.
dealer a person whose job is to buy and sell.
drum an instrument for playing music that has a hollow round shape and a tight covering over an open end. You play a drum by hitting its surface with your hands or sticks.
dumb (informal) not smart; stupid.
every each member or part of a group.
patch a small piece of material used to cover a hole or to protect an injury.
phone a short form of telephone.
punish to cause someone to experience a thing that is painful or not pleasant because he or she did something wrong.
slap to hit with an open hand.
sting to make a tiny hole in the skin that causes pain.
tie to fasten with something like a string or rope.