Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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box1 a container made of stiff material that usually has four sides, a bottom, and a lid.
carve to form or write by cutting.
crime something that people do that is against the law.
deep having a lot of space below or behind a certain point; reaching far down or back.
delight great pleasure.
erase to remove by rubbing away.
mayor the head of government in a village, town, or city.
short not long in size or time.
softly in a way that makes little sound; quietly.
stove a device that uses electricity, gas, or oil to provide heat for cooking or warmth.
swap to exchange or trade.
tack a short pin with a flat, wide head.
thirst the feeling that you need or want to drink something.
wagon a small, open cart with four wheels and a handle, used as a child's toy.
world the earth and everyone in it.