Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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child a young human.
court a place where legal matters are heard.
doctor a person whose job is to treat and give medicine to sick people or animals.
dot a small, round mark or spot.
farmer a person who grows crops or raises animals on a piece of land.
helmet a hard covering worn to protect the head.
join to put, bring, or fasten together.
lookout the act of keeping watch or searching.
panic a sudden strong fear or anger that causes people to act without thinking.
sadness the state or quality of being unhappy.
shoot to hit with a bullet or other thing that flies from a weapon.
tube a long, hollow piece of glass, metal, or rubber used to hold or carry liquids or gases.
underwater below the water’s surface.
walk to move your body by taking steps.
writer a person whose job is to create books, articles, poems, or other materials; author.