Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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alarm a bell or other loud noise used to signal danger.
alert to warn or make aware.
blanket a large piece of thick material used to keep oneself warm. Blankets are often made of wool.
cart an open vehicle with two wheels used to carry a heavy load. An animal or a vehicle usually pulls a cart.
harbor a safe area of water where people can leave their boats.
hiss to make a sound as if holding an "s" for a long time.
hook a curved piece that is used for holding, hanging, or pulling things. A hook is made of metal, plastic, or another hard material.
housework the work of taking care of a household, especially cleaning inside the house.
idea any thought or picture formed in the mind.
leak an opening or crack in a thing that lets something go through it.
own belonging to oneself or itself alone.
paddle an oar with a wide, flat blade and long handle. A paddle is used with both arms for moving a small boat through the water. A paddle is not attached to the boat.
pool any small still area of liquid that has collected on something.
rotten bad or spoiled; no longer able to be eaten.
shower a period of rain that lasts a short time.