Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bathe to give a bath to; wash.
buddy (informal) friend.
double two times the amount or number.
earn to receive money for work that you have done.
fasten to join two things or two sides of something so that they stay together.
garage a building or part of a building used for keeping cars, trucks, or other vehicles.
jet an airplane with engines that give off a flow of heated gases to cause forward movement.
night the period between the time when the sun sets in the evening and when it rises in the morning.
observe to notice or see.
report a statement or story about something that has happened.
sea the salt water covering most of the earth; ocean.
spot a mark that is different in color from the area around it.
trailer a wagon pulled by a car or truck and used to carry a load.
trash anything that is thrown away because it is not wanted.
tube a long, hollow piece of glass, metal, or rubber used to hold or carry liquids or gases.