Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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boat an open vehicle, smaller than a ship, that moves on water.
crumb a tiny piece that breaks or falls from bread or other food.
deal to handle or give your attention to.
flight a trip on a plane from one place to another.
hide to put or keep away from view.
impossible not able to happen or to be done.
lay1 to put something down so that it is flat against a surface.
liar a person who tells lies instead of the truth.
plot1 the story line or order of events in a book, play, or movie.
pot a deep, round container made of metal, clay, glass, or other material. Pots are used for cooking and other purposes.
pretty pleasing or attractive to the eyes or ears.
quietly with little or no sound.
recycle to put used things through a process that allows them to be used again.
shave to cut off hair very close to the skin.
stormy having or characterized by storms.