Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cartoon a picture or set of pictures that make people laugh or think. Cartoons often have words that show what a character is thinking or saying.
crop plants grown on a farm.
drive to make something move by using force.
fuss activity or attention that is not necessary.
hill a raised area of land smaller than a mountain.
horn a hard, hollow growth on the head of certain mammals. Goats and sheep are some animals that have horns.
kiss to touch or press with the lips as a sign of love or respect.
money the coins or paper bills of a country that are used to buy things or pay for services.
plan an action one intends to take; aim.
plate a flat, round dish for food.
ranch a large farm where cattle, horses, or sheep are raised. There are many ranches in the plains of the United States.
shady in the shade.
son a person's male child.
trainer a person who prepares people or animals for competition through exercise, practice, and diet.
worried feeling trouble or anxiety about something that might happen.